Dec 14, 2017

Sun, Dec 14, 1947: that name will become obsolete

"I've almost waited too long again to write to you, but I hope to finish this in time.  I've got rid of all the cards from the previous year wit the name [Ruth Murray] imprinted.  I must dispose of all such matter very soon, since it is now less than six weeks before that name will become obsolete."

--Letter and card from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Sunday afternoon, December 14, 1947.  Typo per original.

Dec 10, 2017

Wed, Dec 10 1947: facts of life

"A funny thing today happened.  I had told Miss Evers some time ago that I wanted to ask her about some things in regard to my wedding.  I had in mind some suggestions about refreshments for the reception....Anyway, she saw me in chapel today & said that I hadn't yet been around to hear about the facts of life. She meant to be humorous, but the Home Ec girls in the dorm are sure that she means to educate me also, & they're all wishing to be a mouse when I talk to her.  It should be interesting, for they are probably partly right."

--A second letter from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Wednesday evening, December 10, 1947.

Dec 9, 2017

Tue, Dec 9, 1947: tree decorated

"As the sunrise spreads over the eastern sky, I heaved myself out of bed to write to you.  As I listen to the strains of 'Feed Your Hens Nutrena,' I take pen in hand & recline on the daybed with paper...
"We finally got our tree decorated yesterday noon & last evening I got inspired in view of the fact that Emma Wilson was to meet there, & clean up the parlors & decorated the top of the piano with Christmas cheer."

--Letter from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Tuesday, December 9, 1947.

Dec 4, 2017

Thu, Dec 4, 1947: each time it rains

"On this lonely night--while the rain splatters on the roof just above our apartment--I'll type out this epistle of love.  Nostalgia is the best word to describe my inner feelings right now.  The human mind is a wonderful device in that it can make so many associations.  Rain tonight reminds me of things that I've done on other rainy nights.  Our Model A stalled north of Winfield and young son DeVere extremely frightened by the cloudburst, lying on the frontroom floor reading 'Oliver Twist' while torrents of water poured down outside the farm house, milking a cow in the cozy shelter of our barn, looking on while the house of our neighbors to the north was washed away by Muddy Creek, playing the Southwestern 'Alma Mater' with the band in rain-drenched stands--quite deserted at the game's end--all of these little memories come flooding back to me each time I hear or feel rain.  Most precious memory of all belongs to last year--on a night punctuated with April Showers.  I'm sentimental enough to let my memory wander back to the events of that evening each time it rains....
"Ralph Metzger who stood trial for house-breaking has now returned to school.  He acts about the same. I tried to treat him as if nothing had happened. Today I didn't call on the boy; but tomorrow I plan to work on usual. He did come around to get information on make-up work in American History.
"Sometimes I wonder if I were cut out to be a teacher.  Perhaps everyone undergoes these depressions.  But my effectiveness was quite low today.  Some students are not very interested in my courses in spite of all I can do."

--Letter from my father, Protection, Kans., to my mother, Winfield, Kans., Thursday, December 4, 1947.  One typo per original.

Dec 1, 2017

Mon, Dec 1, 1947: syphilis test

"I think maybe I was lonesome today.  I was too busy yesterday to notice but I feel it today.
"I found out that the Health Department will do a syphilis test free of charge, but if I want any thing further, I might as well go to a doctor & do it all at once."

--Letter from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Monday, December 1, 1947.

Nov 23, 2017

Sun, Nov 23, 1947: Coldwater jail

"A surprising footnote to the career of one of my helpers on the senior play: Saturday afternoon Ralph Metzger landed in the Coldwater jail....As technical director -- in charge of lighting and sound effects--he was the hardest worker among the seniors.  He was my right hand man.
"King tells me that he was arrested for breaking into a store after the play.  His accomplice confessed everything before they picked Ralph up.  Previously the two had entered many stores & homes here in Protection.  Shortly before noon yesterday he had come up to the apartment to deliver Christmas cards which I had ordered through him.  Juvenile delinquency hits at home, too."

--Letter from my father, Protection, Kans., to my mother, Winfield, Kans., evening, Sunday, November 23, 1947.

Nov 18, 2017

Tue, Nov 18, 1947: truth or dare

"After play practice we went to the home of Mary Sanders for refreshments and games.  Ice cream and cake in abundance--something that I've had little of recently.
"Party games in which these seniors indulged were truth or dare, and who're you with, where you are, and what you are doing.  I won't bother to explain these adolescent games; but they create a lot of excitement and humor."

--Letter from my father, Protection, Kans., to my mother, Winfield, Kans., evening, Tuesday, November 18, 1947.

Nov 14, 2017

Fri, Nov 14, 1947: gumption

"Lena just now came in holding out her left hand.  She had a glass doorknob on her third finger, and said she had been  ut hanging clothes, and it had been love at first sight, but he only gave her a small ring, since it was all he could afford it.
"More of our cleverness.  Thelma has your picture carefully curtained with Kleenex.  She has two long pieces hung on a string so that just your head peeks out.  She says I can pull the curtai ns if I get mad at you....
"I had my scaredest counselee, Corrine Gwin, for supper tonight, and got the nearest to her that I have yet.  I believe she will come out of it in time.  She said her mother, father, two sisters, and three brothers, went to school at Manhattan, but she wanted to come here so she could be herself and not just the youngest in a family, so I think she must have some gumption. She is worried about Chemistry, though."
--Letter from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Friday, November 14, 1947. Two typos per original typewritten letter.

Nov 13, 2017

Thu, Nov 13, 1947: just to talk

"Just after church, I had a call from Hutchinson.  Daddy had hear about Who's Who, and they we're calling just to talk--the first call of that kind that I can remember.  All three were in a gay mood and were having a good time together.  Marjorie still wants us both to come for Thanksgiving.  It was the kind of call that puts me in a different mood. I'm really eager to go home this time -- and of course especially since you'll be there too."

--Letter from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., morning, Thursday, November 13, 1947.

Nov 12, 2017

Wed, Nov 12, 1947: rather puny

"Play practice for the night was rather puny.  Four of the twelve actors were sick. Such mass absenteeism certainly knocks a hole in our plans.  It's a good thing that I'm not prone to worry excessively....
"I love you darling.  It would be wonderful to have you here to light the fire on cold mornings.  I love you for having thought of such a thing--as if I'd let you get up first when it's cold."

--Letter from my father, Protection, Kans., to my mother, Winfield, Kans., evening, Wednesday, November 12, 1947.