Aug 24, 2012

Mon, Aug 24, 1942: eyes pop

“We arrived in Phoenix with a big bang.  Every one knew Mother was coming but didn't have any idea that I was along.  When we were getting off the train my Aunt Bill came down to meet mother so while they were going through all the motions I came up from behind her and layed my arm over her shoulder and you should have seen her eyes pop.  We didn't tell the Brown family either and that night you should have seen the eye pop.  Orville thought he was seeing things.  Well keep everything at home alive for another week and will see you then.”
-- Postcard from Joyce Sooter, Phoenix, Ariz., to my father, Bloomington, Kans., Monday, August 24, 1942. Joyce was my Dad’s cousin and had travelled to see relatives in Arizona.  He was 21 years old and would soon join the military.  Orville was my grandfather’s younger brother.  My grandfather and Orville were only 16 months apart in age, attended the same grade in school, and formed a farming partnership in Kansas when they were both young bachelors.  However, Orville moved to Arizona after my grandfather married, in part because he was believed to have tuberculosis and he thought the air there would be better for his health.