Feb 28, 2016

Thu, Feb 28, 1946: heresy

"Nice to get your letter yesterday.  No, it is not heresy to think of flying to Washington, but it is heresy if you do it.  However, even if you do we may welcome you anyway....
"The most interesting event which has transpired to-day was the sudden transfer of Bob Durden to the Marianas (SP?) where he will be an interpreter in the War Crimes Commission.  I knew the job was open and suppose I could have had it, but it seemed at the time that I should like to stay here in Washington for just a few weeks more.  However, they didn't ask Bob.  He arrived here for his first day's work this morning and had just been issued his dictionaries, a desk, etc., when Hindmarsh called him up and told him that he was leaving tomorrow to arrive in the Marianas on the fifteenth of March, all the way by air.  He was pretty happy about it although just slightly surprised."

--Letter from John Howes, Washington, D.C., to my father, Bloomington, Kans., Thursday, February 28, 1946.  John Howes was a fellow student with my father in the Navy Japanese language program.  Howes had already completed the program and been stationed to Washington, D.C., where my father was also scheduled to move to once he completed language training.

Feb 9, 2016

Sat, Feb 9, 1946: graduation ceremonies

"I'd better prepare you for a disappointment on those graduation ceremonies.  This morning with 10 graduates they didn't last over 20 or 25 minutes -- and until about five minutes before Kryper Sensei's invocation it looked as if graduates would outnumber the audience."

-- Letter from my father, Boulder, Colo., to his mother, Bloomington, Kans., Saturday, February 9, 1946.  My father was preparing to graduate from the Navy Language Program in Boulder.  The program had graduation ceremonies every few weeks as people completed the program.

Feb 3, 2016

Sun, Feb 3, 1946: make the best of them

"I believe you had a birthday last Tuesday, just a short 31 years ago I was your age, the older you grow the greater your responsibilities so make the best of them as they come your way."

--Letter from my grandfather, Bloomington, Kans., to my father, Boulder, Colo., Sunday, February 3, 1946. 

Feb 2, 2016

Sat, Feb 2, 1946: the dope on procedure

"Dad, I'd like to get straightened out on voting this fall.  Being a "man" -- of 21 -- I'd like to get the dope on procedure."
-- Letter from my father, Boulder, Colo., to his family, Bloomington, Kans., Saturday, February 2, 1946.