Dec 31, 2016

Tue, Dec 31, 1946: with a bang

“New Year’s Eve – bus was very late but we went to “Undercurrent” and started off with a bang again. (what will ’47 bring?)”

-- Entry in my mother’s diary, December 31, 1946.

Dec 28, 2016

Sat, Dec 28, 1946: half-empty candy boxes

"Our house looks a lot like yours must.  Except as a counterpart to those half-empty candy boxes is a feeling of disinterest in edibles on my part which has persisted for two days now.... Be seein' you tomorrow!"

--Letter from my mother, Hutchinson, Kans., to my father, Winfield, Kans., Saturday, December 28, 1946.  This is the first letter I have from my mother to my father.

Dec 26, 2016

Thu, Dec 26, 1946: New Year's Eve together

"Christmas is over.  The excitement caused by the Brown clan which assembled here yesterday has subsided.  Life at home is quite peaceful--with only nearly-empty candy boxes, a still-decorated Christmas tree, and a piece of wrapping paper around the living room to remind one of the merry holiday celebration staged by the Browns.  (Actually, Sooters, Kings, and Varners made up the guest list)....
"It would be nice if we could spend New Year's Eve together.  If you're planning to be there--and would appreciate my company--you might drop me a line at Seller's."

--Letter from my father, Bloomington, Kans., to my mother, [Hutchinson, Kans.], Thursday, December 26, 1946.  This is the first letter I have from my father to my mother.

Dec 17, 2016

Tue, Dec 17, 1946: better day

“game. walked home -- better day. ‘don’t be so polite’”

--Entry in my mother’s diary, Tuesday, December 17, 1946, about a date with my father.

Dec 14, 2016

Sat, Dec 14, 1946: no insubordination

"Ahoy there, matey--
"Orders of the Day: S.D. Brown, Lt (j.g.) is hereby authorized to have a super-enjoyable holiday season to be followed by a 'fine and and mellow' New Year.  All hands take notice.
By order,
Rollie -- O in C
P.S.Let's have no insubordination, Sid."

--Letter from Rollie Paulson, Iowa City, Iowa, to my father, Winfield, Kans., Saturday, December 14, 1946.

Dec 12, 2016

Thu, Dec 12, 1946: first kiss

“formal Christmas ball – gardenias & daisy corsage
“first kiss”

--Entry in my mother’s diary about a date with my father, Thursday, December 12, 1946, Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas.

Dec 7, 2016

Sat, Dec 7, 1946: worry!!

“Kappa Rho rush banquet & dance – didn’t call until very late. information & relations were strained  again – worry!!”

--Entry in my mother’s diary about a date with my father, Saturday, December 7, 1946.