My father, Sidney DeVere Brown, age 14, with two 4-H calves in 1939. Photo taken at his parents' farm, in Bloomington, 33 miles east of Wichita, Kansas.

My father's high school graduation picture, 1941, age 16.

Detail from my father's senior class photo, Augusta High School, 1941.  He is in the center with the letter vest.

Kappa Rho pep club quartet, Southwestern College, 1943.   My father is at right.

Harvesting wheat with a combine, 1946.  My uncle is second from the left, sitting on the tractor.  My grandfather is second from the right standing at the spout.  The others are my Dad's cousins and nephews.

My father as an apprentice seaman, U.S. Navy, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, late August 1943.