Jan 5, 2018

Mon, Jan 5, 1948: frequent consultations

"Last night, I was even unhappier before I got to sleep.  Daddy is very perturbed at all the money I'm spending, which does add up to an appalling figure, I realize.  When he & Marjorie were in their bedroom, his carrying voice came to my sharp hearing with a long complaint about how by caravaning & Summer School, I had done nothing but spend money all this time.  All of which is true, of course.
“But I would certainly prefer to be told how things stood ahead of time.  My wedding could have been less expensive I didn't plan such a fancy one in the first place, but every time I asked him, he seemed to favor the biggest alternative.  Maybe I should have cut it down anyway.  Since last night I've worn a groove in my mind thinking about it, and still no solution, because the deed is practically done now.
"It merely strengthens my conviction that we must always have frequent consultations about money & include our children, to the extent of their comprehension, so that everyone knows the situation and what must be his share in conservation, if necessary.  My book has some good suggestions in that direction." 

--Letter from my mother, Winfield, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Monday, January 5, 1948.

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