Jan 21, 2018

Wed, Jan 21, 1948: do things together

"Dearest DeVere,
"This is the last letter you'll get from Ruth Murray, so I'll try to make it good....
"People keep asking me if I'm not excited, but I'm not.  I'm real happy & busy getting things done, but I can't see why I should be nervous or excited now, when I've been planning this for 9 months.
"When I told Mr. Sheppard & Mr. Rinehart that last night, they gave each other a long, very, wise, look, & said I would learn a lot in the next few years.  They then told me about being happily married.  Mr. Rinehart made the most constructive suggestion I've heard yet.  He says it has added a lot to their marriage that they always do things together.  He still helps his wife wipe the dishes.  A-hem!...
"Well, paper's all gone, & I'd better get busy.  I'll see you in just two more days.  All my love to you, sweetheart--and you'd better get here, sir!  Can't you talk someone into coming for the wedding?
"Love & XXX
"Ruth Murray"

--Letter from my mother, Hutchinson, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans.,Wednesday, January 21, 1948.

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