Jan 14, 2018

Wed, Jan 14, 1948: tarred and feathered

"If you hear that I've been tarred and feathered by members of the American history class, don't be surprised.  Several were extremely unhappy when report cards were released today.  The ones who got the F's--three for 3rd six weeks, five on the semester test, & two for the semester are up in arms.  When they flunked a test, it was all a big joke.  When the cards came out the tune changed, however.  The low students aren't the only ones who complain.  Patsy Murphy nearly foamed at the mouth when she discovered that her book report grade was a B+ and not an A.  Some are pleased; but they aren't nearly so vociferous in expressing their opinions."

--Letter from my father, Protection, Kans., to my mother, Winfield, Kans., Wednesday, January 14, 1948.

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