Jan 6, 2018

Tue, Jan 6, 1948: the in-laws

"Your first letter from Winfield arrived today.  In it you indicated that you were somewhat downhearted, because of your father's attitude about money.  If we had known ahead of time, perhaps we could have worked out something--a very simple wedding.  Or we might have arranged to finish your schooling after marriage--to save him some of the expense.  Some of the resentment might be directed at me--the one who caused you to attend school instead of becoming a wage-earner last summer.  If that's the case, I'm vitally interested in getting the misunderstanding cleared up. I'm not anxious to start off married life on the wrong side of the fence from the in-laws.  Perhaps you could talk to him--to reach an understanding to save any additional expenses."

--Letter from my father, Protection, Kans., to my mother, Winfield, Kans., Tuesday, January 6, 1948.

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