Jan 24, 2018

Sat, Jan 24, 1948: marriage of their daughter

“The Reverend and Mrs. Alvin White Murray 
request the honour of your presence 
at the marriage of their daughter
Ruth Esther 
Mr. Sidney DeVere Brown
on Saturday, the twenty-fourth of January
at three o’clock
Trinity Methodist Church
Hutchinson, Kansas”

--Wedding invitation to my parents’ wedding, Saturday, January 24, 1948.  With my parents’ wedding, this six-year-long blog project comes to an end.  Once they were married, they, of course, no longer wrote each other letters very often.  My parents were married for 54 years, until my mother’s death in 2002.  They raised four children (I’m the youngest) and both had successful careers. My mother got her Ph.D. in sociology in 1974 and taught sociology and political science for 16 years at Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma. My father completed his Ph.D. in 1952 at University of Wisconsin and taught Japanese history, and Asian history more broadly, at Oklahoma A&M (later Oklahoma State University) and the University of Oklahoma throughout his career. He taught his last class in retirement, just 18 months before he died in 2010. Thanks for giving me the chance to share some of their lives with you.

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