Mar 15, 2013

Mon, Mar 22, 1943: Victory Queen

“...Thursday night, I went to the box supper which climaxed a bond drive on campus, and during which the Victory Queen, Grace Eckel was crowned.  She was Kappa Rho's candidate, and won by having more stamps and bonds bought in which each penny's worth of stamps counted one vote -- purchases to cast the ballot-- than any of the other three candidates.  You may have seen her picture in Sunday's Eagle...."
-- Letter from my father, Winfield, Kans., to my aunt, Bloomington, Kans., Monday, March 22, 1943.  The Eagle is the Wichita newspaper.  Kappa Rho was the pep club my father joined in college.  (On bond drives, see my earlier post, “Wed, Apr 29, 1942: Victory Concert”).

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