Jun 10, 2014

Sat, Jun 10, 1944: cranberry merchant

"Dearest DeVere:- Well I suppose you are as busy as a cranberry merchant right now.  We were glad to receive your two cards and your letter.  You are very fortunate to run into so many acquaintances and you surely must have had a fine time visiting Cape Girardeau....
“P.S. Homer and Ruby hear through Betty Watt that Jack had been wounded by a German machine bullet and is in a hospital in Italy. He said he would be confined there about a month and would be fighting again.  He received a purple heart."

-- Letter from my grandmother, Bloomington, Kans., to my father, Notre Dame, Ind., Saturday, June 10, 1944.  My father had just started to midshipmen’s school at Notre Dame University.

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