Dec 31, 2017

Wed, Dec 31, 1947: keep me on an even keel

"This is probably the wrong time to write you, but the time when I always feel like writing a nice long letter--when I'm a little blue.  Here it is New Year's Eve--just about to begin the year that will be mostly married life for us, and I should be busily celebrating, but I'd much rather go to bed and am being kept up only by the fact that there is a Sunday School party in progress upstairs....
"Now, slightly more cheerful, but also more sleepy, it's 1948--the year in which we will be married.  I do long for the time when I will always have you to keep me on an even keel, for I get all fouled up like this too often."

--Second letter from my mother, Hutchinson, Kans., to my father, Protection, Kans., Wednesday, December 31, 1947.

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