Apr 27, 2013

Tue, Apr 27, 1943: free as a bird (complete letter)

                    Leon Kansas
                    April 27, 1943
Dearest DeVere
alias Sid the Kid;
     School was out last Friday and I'm almost as free as a bird out of a cage.  We had a fine time the last day of school.  The patrons brought in baskets of dinner and it certainly tasted swell.  In the afternoon we had a short program and everyone was happy until I gave out the grade cards and didn't let Pistol Houser's twins pass then both the Mrs. and Mr. had to argue with me for awhile.
     Ray Parry and Clint were up this evening wanting me to sign up for another year.  I am supposed to let them know to-morrow, whether or not I'll take it.  They only offered $110 a month and I'd like to get $125 but don't know yet what I'll do.
     We were really disappointed because we didn't get to see you Sunday we went to Aunt Edith's.  Stanley thought it was awful you didn't get there before we left.
     We enjoyed your letter so much.  You write such interesting letters we can hardly wait to open them when we get them.  I know how it is to be so busy you can scarcely take time to write.  It seems like all winter that is the way it has been with us.
     We have been remodeling the kitchen but the work is not done yet and things are sort of torn up around here.  The cabinets are pretty nearly completed but are not painted and the walls are as dirty as can be yet.  But maybe some of these days we'll get things fixed up.
     We will be looking for you and your roommate next Saturday (guess he won't mind if things are sort of torn up will he?) We shall go to town either Sat. afternoon or evening; probably not until evening.  However if you go to Augusta and we aren't there yet you could go to Aunt Stella's a while.  She would be glad to visit with you.  Barbara stayed in town to-night as she was to play a piano solo at a club meeting (the club which sponsored her in the contest in Wichita).  Then she is counting on staying Friday night so she can get a permanent Sat., then come home whenever we go to town.  Say, if you want to you could send your laundry home now.  I'll be so I can get it done now.
     To-day was Senior freak day at Augusta.  Lee had on a thin dress with embroidery ruffles hanging below his dress a hat with a big plume and a feather fan.  His rouge was a little too prominent too.  I would liked to have seen the whole bunch of them.
     We were over to Katherines awhile Sunday.  They moved at Christmastime you know.  I think they like this place a little better than they did the other.
     It's about to strike 12:00 o'clock so I'd better go to bed or I can't get Stanley off in the morning.
     Hope you win in your vice-president election.  Those jokes limericks etc. were pretty good.
     With Lots of Love and hoping to see you soon.
-- Complete letter from my grandmother, Bloomington, Kans., to my father, Winfield, Kans., Tuesday, April 27, 1943.

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