May 4, 2013

May 1943: report card

“English...        E

Am. History...   E
Typing...           E
Literature...      E
Solid Geom...   E”
--Report card of my mother, Ruth Murray, for the spring semester of her junior year at El Dorado High School, 1943.  Since I have no letters from her in this time period, I’ve included this report card, one of the few documents I have from her.  Possible grades were “E—Excellent; G—Good; M—Medium; P—Passing; F—Failing.”  My mother lived in El Dorado, Kans., with her father, minister at the First Methodist Church, and her little sister.  She did not meet my father, who was in his sophomore year at Southwestern College in Winfield, fifty miles to the south, until the fall of 1946.

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