Aug 22, 2013

Sun, Aug 22, 1943: grinned

"Philip and Carol left today.  It's sure going to be lonesome without them.  Uncle Woodrow married Maryjane again.  Philip was taking his nap when she came in but he wasn't asleep yet.  When he saw her he didn't know what to say.  He just lay there and grinned….
 “When you left I had your work to do. When Daddy got his knee hurt I had his work to do, then Stanley left and I had his work to do.  I have been pumping water and more water for calves, pigs, chickens and people.  I sure have callouses on my hands, especially my right hand.  I'll draw you a picture of my hand and show you where they are.”
-- Letter from my aunt Barbara, Bloomington, Kans., to my father, Sunday, Cape Girardeau, Mo., August 22, 1943.  My father’s young cousins, Philip and Carol, had been staying with my grandparents while their parents, Woodrow and Maryjane, were separated.

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