Aug 4, 2013

Wed, Aug 4, 1943: Great Lakes

“The authorities are getting a little stricter on us around here.  I guess they were too easy the first month.  Lieut Soderquist gave us a lecture Monday evening on our failure to obey housemothers and other shortcomings and pointed out that we could be sent to Great Lakes on the basis of bad discipline.  ‘The Navy needs lots of seamen’ -- a direct quotation.”
-- Letter from my father, Cape Girardeau, Mo., to his family, Bloomington, Kans., Wednesday, August 4, 1943.  Being in the V-12 officer training program kept my father and his fellow navy men out of combat, at least temporarily.  But they could be sent to combat training on the Great Lakes -- a precursor to being shipped out on a vessel to the war zone – at any time. 

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