Aug 11, 2013

Wed, Aug 11, 1943: shoes unshined

“Military discipline finally caught up with me yesterday.  CPO Norton gave me three demerits at uniform inspection -- Reason -- 'shoes unshined.'  I noticed them that morning and they still looked black - so I figured that was enough - they looked good enough for two more weeks wear in civilian life.  However, it takes 75 demerits in one semester before they ship a fellow off to Great Lakes or Camp Farragut.  My luck wasn't nearly as bad as that of the fellow who shined his roommate's shoes by mistake.  He didn't notice the blunder until he tried to put them on and by that time it was too late to polish his own, since the call to uniform inspection muster had been made.  He got 3 demerits.”
-- Letter from my father, Cape Girardeau, Mo.,  to his family, Bloomington, Kans., Wednesday, August 11, 1943.

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