Apr 23, 2014

Sun, Apr 23, 1944: church

“After that the company commander drilled the boys for a while.  Since these Italian fruit merchants from New York City couldn't get it through their heads how to do 'to the rear' we spent about 1 1/2 hrs. of supposedly free time practicing.
"In this camp everyone goes to church - either to Catholic, Jewish or Protestant services.  Out of 112 men in our company only 30 were Protestants.  This would be very surprising out in the mid-West, but it's to be expected, I guess, among these foreigners."

-- Letter from my father, Camp Sampson, N.Y., to his family, Sunday, April 23, 1944.  My father grew up in an overwhelmingly white and Protestant county and seems not to have regarded Jews and Catholics as real Americans at this time in his life, but as "foreigners."

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