Apr 9, 2014

Sun, Apr 9, 1944: sick bay

"Dear Mother:

"My Easter Sunday is being spent in isolation from the rest of the world up here in sick bay [with measles].  Everyone in the place gets liberty today-except us of course, and this staying inside is a little hard to take when you can look out the window and see everyone enjoying themselves.  Thousands of people are parading up and down the boardwalk.  They're having what is called the 'Orchid Promenade' out there -- the 100 best dressed women are to be given orchids"
-- Letter from my father, Asbury Park, N.J., to his mother, Bloomington, Kans., Sunday, April 9, 1944.  This is my father's 23rd letter to his family in 1944 and the last letter that my grandparents numbered.  However, they continued to keep most (perhaps all) his letters, while he was in the Navy.

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