Oct 27, 2015

Sat, Oct 27, 1945: trailer house camp

"From the sound of all those soldier parties a lot of the boys from home are stepping back into 'civvies.'  I wouldn't mind doing it myself - or at least known how long I'll be kept in if I finish this course....
"The Augusta Gazette brings word that Buel Robinson plans to go to school here next term.  I hope he can find a house -- Perhaps he can get in on the trailer house camp being set up for married veterans.  Vacant houses in Boulder are just about non-existant.  A lot of married language students are even finding it necessary to ship their wives and kids home; because so many veterans are coming back to claim their houses."

-- Letter from my father, Boulder, Colo., to his family, Bloomington, Kans., Saturday, October 27, 1945.

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