Oct 10, 2015

Wed, Oct 10, 1945: quite an American now

"Everything is growing better here and we perceive each day that the whole of the world is prepared to help us.  Food rations have increased from 400 to 2300 calories a week.  I am quite an American now for I wear shirts and shoes handed out by the American Army.  When I had to dive I lost namely nearly all my clothes.  Only cigarettes are still very scarce here and as you will know a Dutchman is no real Dutchman without a cigaret.  We get only 20 a week.  Some people get cigarettes from relations abroad.  Therefore I would ask you to do me the pleasure to see if you can send me some cigarettes, say 300 to 400. I will repay them to you, of course, as soon as I know what I owe you."

-- Letter from Jacobus Lieshout, Hoorn, Netherlands, to my father, Boulder, Colorado, October 10, 1945. Jacobus was my father's penpal during high school.

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