Oct 24, 2015

Wed, Oct 24, 1945: do some good

"You might also tell the folks to send out a mouse trap or poison cheese.  To add to my sleeping troubles, last night a mouse started gnawing on something about 10 minutes after I crawled into bed.... Each time I made some racket he stopped; but I still haven't located the culprit....
"You mentioned being surprised when Norma told you about my plans for being a minister or possibly a missionary.  Your surprise is justified. I've done little so far to indicate that I was headed in that direction.  But recently a big change has come over me.  I would like to do some good while on this earth; and feel that I might be able to in that field.
"As a lawyer, I'd probably be a failure - for a reason Norma mentioned.  I'm too honest."

-- Letter from my father, Boulder, Colo., to his sister, Bloomington, Kans., Wednesday, October 24, 1945.

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